Ten Free Apps that Pay You to Walk Earn Money

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to earn some extra money? You’ve found the solution! Here are 10 free apps that pay you to walk. Yes, it’s true. You can earn money by walking with these apps. You’ll not only earn money but also promote a healthy life style. Let’s get moving!

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The Achievement app includes a variety of activities from walking, swimming and bicycling to meditation and tracking your food intake.

Apple Health, Samsung Health and Fitbit are only a few of the many fitness trackers that this device is compatible with.

Participating in surveys related to health and fitness will allow you to earn more points than the 80 daily maximum.

You can donate to charity or cash out when you reach 10 points for $10. You will need about four months to earn $10, which is equivalent to $30 per year.

You can also earn bonuses for recommending and participating in health research. Points are not valid after a year.

The software supports a variety of fitness trackers and offers a range of payment options, including PayPal, direct deposit, checks and bank transfers. 
Earn $10 when you reach 10,000 points.

2. SweetCoin

Sweatcoin is one of the best-known apps for encouraging walking. Most people who exercise do not use the exact same fitness app. App is available in both Apple App Store as well as Google Play Market.

Sweatcoins are digital currency that can be earned by walking. Sweatcoins can be earned by walking, running or doing other aerobic exercises.

The startup bets on the adoption of sweatcoins in the near future as a standard for cryptocurrency payments.

Earn 0.95 sweatcoins per 1000 steps. These can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

You will also receive 5 sweatcoins for each recommendation that you make. You can earn up to 150 sweatcoins a month with the first plan.

Exercise more to get the most out of your membership. You can earn up to 4.75 sweatcoins per month with the shaker plan.

Power Walkers will give you 15 or 20 sweatcoins depending on the number of miles you walk each day. You can earn $100 by referring 400 people to Power Walkers.

PayPal will give you $1,000 cash once you reach 20,000 sweatcoins. The cash can be used only once. This is expected to take the business around 18 months.


Cross-Platform Support (iOS & Android). 
Worldwide — Minimum Age Required: Thirteen 
For every 10,000 steps, you will receive 10 sweatcoins if you have a Premium subscription. 
You can exchange your PayPal balance for cash, services, or goods.

3. Charity Miles 

You can contribute to charity by exercising with the app. Charity Miles is a great walking app that will benefit your chosen charity.

This app encourages people to go out for a weekend walk, jog or trek.

This software allows you to track your mileage, and donate the money that is saved to a worthy cause.

This is a great way to help others without spending any money of your own.

All the options above are valid. You can also exercise on a treadmill or indoors.

You must first log into the app to track your movements. This app uses the location services and motion sensors in your phone.

Feeding America is on the list, as are the Wounded Warrior Project and the World Wildlife Fund. Other recipients include the National Park Foundation, Nature Conservancy and Special Olympics.

You can improve the health of animals, children, veterans and many other groups by choosing from forty different organizations.

Giving to charity has many advantages, including the ability to help others without having to break the bank. 
You can choose from a variety of nonprofits and not get paid for walking.

4. LifeCoin

This app rewards you solely for your outdoor activities. This app is similar to Sweatcoin. Free users can earn up to five life coins each day.

If you are a Premium member, you can earn up to 10 Life Coins per day. The cost per month is $4.33.

Azumio Premium, included in your subscription, gives you access to paid-for services.

You can redeem your coins to get gift cards, AirPods, quadcopters and headphones.

The incentives are given out on a first come, first served basis.

The app rewards you for engaging in healthy behavior. You can connect your fitness tracker to the app after you sign up.

You can earn money by walking, downloading an app and exploring its features.

After accumulating 10,000 points, you can receive $10.

5. Healthy Wage

This is a simple-to-use weight loss program that rewards you for losing weight.

You can use the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to place a bet on your fitness goal and if you win you will receive up to $10,000. If you lose you’ll still get to enter up to 10 challenges.

There are many other benefits to exercising, besides losing weight and making money.

6. Gig Walk

You can earn extra money by walking in your spare time. Check out Gig Store.

Both Android and iOS devices are supported. PayPal is a great way to get your rewards.

You can choose to walk for 5 minutes, 5 hours, or more, depending on how much money you want to earn.

It could be as easy as entering a menu from a restaurant or as complex as clicking on an image of a product in a particular store.

You can cash out your earnings using Pay Pal.

The website is easy to use and looks good. It claims users can earn between $3 and $1,000.

7. Door Dash

The software is available on both Google Play as well as Android Market. This app allows users to get food, drinks, and groceries delivered quickly.

You can order delivery from restaurants by walking around your city using the app.

The earnings will be distributed weekly, and you do not have to pay tips in addition.

8. Rover

This application allows you to get paid for going on walks.

You will receive twenty dollars if you use the app to walk your dog for 30 minutes.

This app is pet-friendly and offers specialized veterinarian services. It also allows you to schedule pet walks and offers a variety of benefits such as liability coverage and pet education.

9. EarthMiles

Earthmiles, another app, rewards you with virtual money for walking, running, or cycling. Distances are measured by earth miles.

Earth miles are accumulated faster when you exercise more vigorously.

This certificate is intended for employers who want to encourage their employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you walk a kilometer you earn one earth-mile; if cycle a kilometer you earn three earth-miles; and if run a kilometer you earn five earth-miles.

You will receive rewards once you reach the number of Earth Miles you consider sufficient.

After you’ve met the minimum requirement, you can redeem your points to receive health incentives. These include discounts on a variety of health-related products and services.

Each week there are different incentives. They can range from discounts on supplements and health products to completely new ones.

Download the application to use with iOS or Android. 
The software is designed for employers who wish to encourage staff to engage in physical activity. 
One kilometer is the same as one mile.

10. Walgreens Balance Reward

You may have heard of the Walgreens Balance Reward if you frequent Walgreens. Walgreens will also give you bonus dollars for walking.

Walgreens Cash Reward for each week that you complete the challenge.

The challenge begins on Monday and will last for one week.

You must be a Walgreens member to participate in the Health Challenge. You can join and use the Walgreens Balance Reward program through their website.

Walgreens offers 20 points per mile. You can only win up to 1,000 points per month.

Cash prizes up to $1 are available. If you complete all four challenges, you will receive a $2 bonus spin.

Walgreens offers these coupons for your shopping convenience.

The four-week health challenge includes events to get people moving.

To receive a cash prize, members must participate in at least 2 physical events.

You can choose to keep track manually or automatically, depending on the challenge.

This app is compatible with a wide range of gadgets including Google Fit (Run Keeper), FitBit (Charity Miles), and iHealth.


These free apps pay you for walking are a great incentive to keep active and earn some extra money. There is nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain. Why wait? Start walking to wealth today by downloading one of these apps!

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